Kunihiko Matsuo



Kunihiko Matsuo is a multimedia artist, sound designer and dancer. Kunihiko Matsuo was born in 1969 in Mito, Japan. Based in Tokyo, he specializes in interactive technology, audio-visual design and contemporary dance. He is a core member of Nest, a multimedia performance group in Japan. He is also a founder of CMprocess, an artists collective that is working on the border line between technology, performing arts and design, offering an integrated view on digital media system design.


Selected Recent Work Includes:

Shiteki Kaibou Jikken 2.2+ (2004) collaborative project with Natsuko Teduka at UPLINK GALLERY / Tokyo

Amplified - Sal Vanilla version (2004) at Hong Kong Cultural Centre / Hong Kong

[coded : decoded] (2004) collaborative project with Alessio Silvestrin, Ludovic Xasdera, mjuc, Electroacoustic Jazz Trio at ICC /Tokyo

amplified (2004) collaborative project with Josef Hyde, Kazuyasu Kochi, Giga Hidume, Ao, Kenji Kikuchi at Spiral Hall / Tokyo, at YCAM / Yamaguchi

REFLECTIONS (2004) collaborative work with Attakkalari/Jayachandran Palazhy at St Johns Auditorium / Bangalore


During the Digital Cultures Lab, we will be collaborating with Jayachandran Palazhy on the creation of Purushartha, performed live on Friday, December 2, at Sandfield Center.

website: http://www.cmprocess.com