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Digital Cultures Lab


workshop 4

Future Physical, "The Creative User" 2004

Rosanna Albertini, ed., Technological Rituals. Stories from the Annenberg Dialogue (Los Angeles: Annenberg Center for Communications, 1999).

Soeke Dinkla, and Martina Leeker, eds., Dance and Technology/ Tanz und Technologie: Moving towards Media Productions - Auf dem Weg zu medialen Inszenierungen (Berlin: Alexander Verlag, 2003).

Interfaces, ed. Emanuele Quinz, Anomalie digital_arts 3, 2004

Gavin Carver and Colin Beardon, eds., New Visions in Performance: The Impact of Digital Technologies (Lisse: Svets & Zeitlinger, 2004).

Theatre und Video, special issue in TheaterHeute (April 2004):

Diedrich Diederichsen: "The Idiot with the Video Camera," pp.27-31.

Thomas Oberender: "More Presence on Stage," pp. 19-26

Isabel Valverde, "Blind Date : Developing a Multisensorial Interfacing Experience." Body, Space and Technology Journal, Vol. 4, (Brunel University, 2005).


kondition pluriel

Chris Salter

Ghislaine Boddington

Keiko Courdy

Koala Yip

Igor Stromajer

Mine Kaylan

Ivani Santana

Johannes Birringer on Intimate transactions

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coordinated by Johannes Birringer


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