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workshop 2


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Choreography and Cognition

Scott deLahunta

Troika Ranch

Rachel Zuanon: "Co-evolution Among Bodies: An Investigation with Brain Signals"

Steven Brown: "The Neural Basis of Human Dance"

* * *

URL: Troika Ranch

Scott deLahunta, "Isadora 'almost out of beta': Tracing the development of a new software tool for performing artists," International Journal of Performance Arts and Digital Media 1:1 (2005), 31-46

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* * *

"Skin" / "Zephyrous" / "Jeremiah"

Sita Popat/Scott Palmer, "Creating common ground: dialogue between performance and digital technologies," International Journal of Performance Arts and Digital Media 1:1 (2005), 47-65

Henry Daniel

Sita Popat

Marlon Barrios Solano

Sue Broadhurst: "The Jeremiah Project: Interaction, Reaction and Performance"


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