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Special Workshop 12 and Publication Site

Art and Anthropology, Revisited


In this library, which may expand in future times, we reflect back on an event which took place in 1997 and has had various repercussions, also influencing current thinking and practice in performance ethnography and digital culture in the north and south.


Artists in Trance


New Methodologies in the work with the Other
in Latin American art

Experimental workshop for art and anthropology
presented by the Department of Anthropology at Rice University
and the Transart Foundation in Houston. With the participation of Rice University's
Department of Art and Art History, the Rice Media Center, and the School of Architecture.


Digital Cultures lab curator Johannes Birringer was part of the Artists in Trance event as a film maker/documentarian; he also collaborates with Abdel Hernández San Juan on the production of this on-line publication of the critical writings of Hernández


These reference pages contain some unique writings on art and anthropology published here the first time.

for the spanish or english versions of the writings, go to

Después de la Etnometodología



For a program of Artists in Trance and the themes of the workshop, click here.

For visual and literary evocations, go to Fernando Calzadilla

The Market From Here > click here


Visual Slideshow of The Market From Here


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