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workshop 3


Scott deLahunta, "The Dimensions of Data Space" (Anomalie digital_arts #3)

Alberto Menache, Understanding Motion Capture for Computer Animation and Video Games (San Diego: Morgan Kaufman.Academic Press, 2000).

Antonio Camurri/Gualtoero Volpe, eds., Gesture-Based Communication in Human-Computer Interaction. 5th International gesture Workshop, Genova. (Berlin: Springer, 2004).

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Isabel Valverde, |"Catching Ghosts in Ghostcatching: Choreographing Gender and Race in Riverbed/Bill T. Jones' Virtual Dance." in Extensions: The Online Journal for Embodied Technology, Vol. 2: Mediated Bodies:Locating Corporeality in a Pixilated World, (UCLA, 2005).



Simon Biggs / Sue Hawksley

Hellen Sky

Gregory Sporton


Kirk Woolford

Guy Hilton

Armando Menicacci



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Expanded online bibliography on interactive systems and capture:

OSU Motion Capture Focus Group


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