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workshop 7

Johannes Birringer / Michele Danjoux, "The Emergent Dress"

Sarah E. Braddock Clarke / Marie O'Mahony, Techno Textiles 2 (London : Thames and Hudson, 2005)

Bradley, Quinn ,Techno Fashion (Oxford: Berg, 2002).

Matilda McQuaid, Extreme Textiles: Designing for High Performance (London: Thames & Hudson, 2005).

Marie O'Mahony /Sarah E. Braddock, SportsTech Revolutionary Fabrics, Fashion & Design (London: Thames and Hudson, 2002).

Suzanne Lee, Fashioning the Future: Tomorrow's Wardrobe (London: Thames & Hudson, 2005).

Bradley Quinn, The Fashion of Architecture (Oxford; Berg, 2003).

New Nomads: An Exploration of Wearable Electronics. (Rotterdam: o10 Publishers, 2000).

Stella Bruzzi / Pamela Church Gibson, eds., Fashion Culture (London: Routledge, 2000).

Alexandra Warwick / DaniCavallaro, eds., Fashioning the Frame: Boundaries, Dress and the Body (Oxford: OUP, 1998).

Donald, Richie, The Image Factory: Fads and Fashions in Japan. London: Reaction Books, 2003.


Wearable Futures: Hybrid Culture in the Design and Development of Soft Technology


Gabriele Brandstetter, & Hortensia Voelkers, eds., ReMembering the Body. Ostfildern: Cantz, 2000 (USA: D.A.P. New York)

Gerald Matt and Thomas Miessgang, eds., Martin Arnold: Deanimated. Wien/New York: Springer, 2003.

Interagir avec les Technologies Numeriques (ed. Florence Corin), Nouvelles de Danse 52 (2004).

Jose Gil, Metamorphoses of the Body. Trans. Stephen Muecke. Minneapolis: Univ. of Minnesota Press, 1998.



Thecla Schiphorst and [Exhale: Breath between Bodies ]

emerging technologies (SIGGRAPH)

Erin Manning (Senselab, Hexagram)

Yacov Sharir

Yvonne Watson

The Hexagram Axis on Interactive Textiles and Wearable Computers

Barbara Layne

Joey Berzowska


A new Woodhead Publishers project is finalized in 2007, collecting a volume of essays for SMART CLOTHES AND WEARABLE TECHNOLOGY
Jane McCann, Smart Clothes and Wearable Technology Research Group, Newport School of Art, Media and Design, Wales, UK
David Bryson, University of Derby, School of Arts, Design and Technology, UK


Project contents

Smart Clothing with embedded technologies provides an important interface between wearers and their environment, The design of textile and clothing ‘products’ and, in particular, the interface between the user and enabling devices must be appropriate for the wearer’s life style needs and culture, This publication looks at a breadth of disparate emerging technologies in both textiles and clothing manufacture, and in wearable computing, that need to be understood by designers embarking on this relatively new area of interdisciplinary design, The future clothing design research and development team also needs to be conversant with health and wellness issues and the challenges of monitoring and care
Clothing that has truly ‘wearable’ attributes should both work and look good, To bring emerging technologies to near market, and promote compliance, the aesthetics and comfort of the clothing must be acceptable and the technology interface simple and intuitive for an inclusive audience, Requirements capture of technical, aesthetic and cultural demands of the wearer should inform the selection of specific assemblies of textiles within the design process
To provide practical guidance and support the chapters in this publication identify and elaborate a generic critical path from fibre production through to commercial prototyping described in an accessible language for designers, Innovative technologies may be integrated in a sequence of stages to enhance funcionality throughout the textiles and clothing critical path from fibre development to product launch, The application of primarlly man made technical textiles points to the adoption of state of the art manufacturing processes and to the potential for the mass customization of products with individual characteristics, At the beginning of this new textile and garment revolution designers must also give consideration to the end of life of the product

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